Inspired by the unique treasures she discovered whilst travelling and living abroad, the founders of Coco Cabana Collection sought to create a collection that captured the alchemy of their journey.  Fascinated by the diverse use of design, textiles and handcraftsmanship, they brought home a desire to curate a globally sourced collection of artisan pieces that bring effortless beauty and meaning to the home.  The Coco Cabana Collection focus is on curating products that showcase designers from near and far, working with natural textiles and materials to create a unique artisan collection.  This carefully considered range is rich with character and charm, designed to evoke a sense of ‘Sehnsucht’, a German term for ‘wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels that have been and travels yet to come’.  Each handcrafted piece has a story to tell and holds its own unique beauty, reminding us to slow our pace and take gratitude in our everyday moments.